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Building a Beautiful Repertoire

In this hands-on Wilmington Harp Day, we will cover tips for building a repertoire with music that you enjoy playing. We will play some pieces together as we cover important concepts for creating lovely variations.We will listen for the nuanced differences between a plain arrangement and a lovely arrangement. It is our hope that you’ll gain confidence that you can be prepared for any “opportunity” to play, whether it is at home for friends and family, with a gathering of harpist-friends, in a medical facility, or in other settings. You’ll leave with some complete arrangements in the handout materials (free music!) plus tips for creating your own arrangements and/or for adding variations to pieces you already play. FOR ALL LEVELS

Rounding Out Your Beautiful Repertoire

A music tasting of Angi’s arrangements. FOR ALL LEVELS

Virginia Harp Center

David D'Arville of the Virginia Harp Center will be bringing harps, music, and strings to sell. If you have any specific string, music, or harp requests, please contact David directly at Also, David will be available to fix any minor lever harp problems or buzzes you might have. If you are hoping to have him look at your harp, please email him ahead of time.

Meet Angi Bemis

Angi Bemiss is a lifelong musician. She studied piano as a child and still plays, played flute and oboe in band where she met her husband Kevin, and played guitar in youth group. She started harp at the age of 35 when Kevin surprised her with a Lyon & Healy Troubadour and lessons! for their 10thwedding anniversary. Her teacher, a pedal harp performer, taught her the basics, and then he encouraged her to create her own arrangements because lever harp arrangements were scarce in 1989. A few years later, she heard about the new concept of therapeutic music and realized that this was an opportunity to quietly serve others with the peaceful and unique sounds that come for a harp’s strings. Angi is a CMP (Certified Music Practitioner from the Music for Healing and Transition Program) and a CTHP (Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner from the International Harp Therapy Program.) She has been employed as a therapeutic musician for almost 25 years. After recording four CDs, she began publishing her arrangements as Simply the Harp (a “mom and pop” operation.) There are now 14 books and 150 pieces of sheet music. Angi is also a retired accountant.

What to Bring

Please bring your harp, harp bench, a music stand and a pencil.


Lunch and an afternoon snack will be provided.

This event is sponsored by the Coastal Carolina Chapter of the American Harp Society and the Virginia Harp Center. $35 fee includes both workshops, lunch, afternoon snack and a one year membership to the Coastal Carolina Chapter of the American Harp Society. Fee is payable day of workshop, cash or check only.

Please register today so we can accurately prepare for food and space.

Email with any questions.


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