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Geography of the Harp

Have you ever thought about the geography of the harp? If you understand the geography of the harp (string spacing = finger spacing), you can learn your repertoire faster and literally play faster on the harp because your fingers "know" what to do before they touch the strings. This hands-on workshop will help you think of the harp in a new way with ideas and exercises that will improve your playing. This is a hands-on workshop so bring your harp.


Cascading Arpeggios

What does the harp do best? Arpeggios and glissandos. When you see and hear a harpist play ascending and descending arpeggios up and down the harp non-stop, it takes your breath away. Why? Because you wish you could do THAT (and because it is just simply gorgeous)! In this workshop, we will break them down into small bites, understand how to intertwine them, practice them, and polish them. Voila, you just added a new arsenal to your harp toolbar. We will start with “three fingers per hand” arpeggios and continue with “four fingers per hand” arpeggios. Think about it—if you’re going to play the harp the rest of your life, how many arpeggios will you play between now and then? A lot! Learn to play them NOW so that you can enjoy playing them the rest of your life!


Virginia Harp Center

David D'Arville of the Virginia Harp Center will be bringing harps, music, and strings to sell. If you have any specific string, music, or harp requests, please contact David directly at Also, David will be available to fix any minor lever harp problems or buzzes you might have. If you are hoping to have him look at your harp, please email him ahead of time. 

Frank Voltz

Frank began playing the harp as an adult. After playing the harp for only 5 years, he competed and won Second Prize in the Lyon & Healy International Jazz and Pop Harp Competition, Lever Harp Division. For the past 15 years, he has been guest clinician and performing artist at various harp festivals and conferences throughout the United States and Canada. Since moving to Winston-Salem, NC in 2009, he has performed on several occasions with the Winston-Salem Symphony, Greensboro Symphony, and the Piedmont Wind Symphony. In 2010, Frank was commissioned to write an arrangement for the American Youth Harp Ensemble. In 2014, he was commissioned to write an original composition for harp and handbells for New Philadelphia Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, NC. In 2016, he performed at the American Harp Society (AHS) National Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Frank has recorded five harp CDs and two piano CDs. As a Gospel Jazz harpist, he is in demand performing in churches all over the country. As a jazz harpist, he has performed on various Rock, Jazz, Gospel, New Age, Folk, Christmas, and Sacred recording projects for various artists (including a Grammy Award winning instrumentalist). He has published more than 85 hymn arrangements, ensemble arrangements, and original compositions for pedal and lever harp through his music publishing company, Chiera Music ( His music has been recorded by other harpists around the world.

Frank is currently on the Board of Directors for the Piedmont Chapter of the AHS.

Frank Voltz Publications and CD's

Frank will be bringing his publications to sell and his CDs will be available after the concert.

What to bring

Please bring your harp and a pencil. If you have a harp bench and folding stand please bring them as well. Chairs will be available at the church and some music stands. Lunch will be provided.

This event is sponsored by the Coastal Carolina Chapter of the American Harp Society. 

$20 for members of the Coastal Carolina AHS Chapter

$30 for non-members

The evening concert is free and open to the public.

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