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Coastal Carolina Chapter of the American Harp Society

Founded in 2013, the Coastal Carolina Chapter of the American Harp Society (AHS) is a non-profit organization made up of professional and semi-professional harpists, harp instructors, students of all ages, and lovers of the harp. All are welcome to join!


The purpose of the Coastal Carolina Chapter is to cultivate, promote, foster, sponsor and develop the appreciation of the harp as a musical instrument among its members and the general public.  We seek to educate and inspire our members through master classes, guest artist recitals, annual events and harp ensemble performances.

Past Board of Directors

Board Members


Beth Klahre                 President

Christina Brier            Past President

Julie Rehder               Vice President

 Kathy Egan               Events Coordinator

Julie Rehder, Beth Klahre,                                   Christina Brier          Grant Committee     

Susan Creasy             Secretary

Nancy Faulkner          Treasurer

Susan Wilzer               Historian


Coastal CarolinaHarp Chapter Christina F

Christina Brier
Past President

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